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About Us


Why Virtual TechPool
Virtual TechPool is an IT Support Service firm that specializes in Outsourced Managed IT to provide customized IT solutions and support. We have chosen to focus on servicing Start-Up and growing businesses, and Not-For-Profit organization to help expand and optimize existing IT footprints. We service businesses in Toronto and the surrounding areas to ensure business IT needs are met anytime and every time through our efficient and cost conscious approach.


The Difference
Deciding which IT service company to go with can be frustrating and confusing. Many of them seem to offer the same services. So what sets Virtual TechPool aside from the rest?

Dedicated Contact

It’s often frustrating to be dealing with multiple people when it comes to support issues or projects. Virtual TechPool provide a single point of contact for each support issues and projects to help increase the efficiency of communications. Our dedicated contact will remediate IT related issues with other software vendors, support centres, manufacturers, etc on your behalf.

Our Profit from Your Hardware and Software

There is none! We are a service company that generates revenue through real-time hours worked by our technicians. We do not charge any form of mark-up on reselling services or products. The savings are transferred directly to our clients to help them direct funds to areas that will help them become more strategically competitive in their sector.

Simple & Direct Communication

–Often communication between IT companies and Clients are lost in translation. We pride ourselves on the transparency of information to ensure that our clients fully understand our recommendations any decision made by the client is an informed one.

Green IT

–One of our considerations when implementing infrastructure or reviewing future projects is to use Green IT best practices. Adopting environmental practices not only helps the environment but contributes to lowering the cost of materials as well as reducing cost related to energy consumption.


–Virtual TechPool emphasizes the importance of adopting new technologies that are proven beneficial to our clients. Virtualization allows our clients to have an environment that supports a a complete and cost effective Disaster Recovery plan, Backup routines, and a Scalable network.


The accountability for the maintenance of your infrastructure belongs to Virtual TechPool.  A team of technical staff will be available and trained to support your specific requirements.  Having an organization accountable prevents situations where an in-house employee leaving may disrupt flow of your business.


–Many of the clients we communicate with often feel forced to stay with their current provider despite the continual unmet service levels. The clients feel that the provider holds all the information to manage their network and they have no control if the provider decides to shut down the services or impose restrictions. Virtual TechPool ensures that all administrative information relating to registration and network management are held by the client. This compels Virtual TechPool to continually provide excellent service in order to ensure a long standing relationship with our clients.

Response Times

–Our normal Service Level response times for phone support and helpdesk tickets are listed in our agreements as within 60 minutes. However we’re proud to announce that our average response time across all our clients is 15 minutes.

Delivery of Service

All support calls are first delivered by remote means with a 90% resolution rate through remote support. If the issue cannot be resolved by remote access, we will immediately schedule a technician to address the issue onsite.

Available 24×7 Support

–Virtual TechPool service desk is available to our clients 24/7 and is located in the Greater Toronto Area.